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Senthil Infotek is a growing company constantly on the lookout for talented and committed people who wish to build a career and contribute in the growth of the company. We provide a pleasant working environment and EMPLOYEE STOCK OPTIONS POLICY.

A three-step rigorous selection procedure evaluates the technical, intellectual and temperamental fit of the candidates and ensures that only the best are recruited. The employees continuously upgrade their skills by being trained and exposed to new concepts and technology. They are rotated from front-end projects to back-end R&D thus enabling them to combine project management skills with technical knowledge.

We encourage employees to spend time working on their pet projects and ideas in spare time. They are constantly rotated on technologies & platforms and encouraged to keep abreast of the latest developments. 24-hour Internet access to all employees is available from their workstations. They are expected to leverage the inhouse Knowledge Exchange to learn and contribute.

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